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Selasa, 19 Mei 2015

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao Dynasty is signature dish of Paradise Dynasty.Eight different color with eight flavour will give you the new sensation and new experience.
This is our signature Xiao Long Bao Dynasty
eight color with eight flavours.

  1. White is Original (pork / chiken)
  2. Green is Ginseng (chiken)
  3. Yelow is Cheesy (chiken)
  4. Black is Black truffle (pork)
  5. Orange is Crab roe (pork) 
  6. Brown is Foie gras (pork)
  7. Grey is Garlic (pork)
  8. Pink is Szechuan (pork)

How  to enjoy eight flavour Xiao long bao Dynasty? This is the sequence how to enjoy signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

1.Original (White)
2.Ginseng (Green)
3.Foie gras (Brown)
4.Black Truffle (Black)
5.Cheesy (Yellow)
6.Crab roe (Orange)
7.Garlic (Grey)
8.Szechuan (pink)

Put lightly the dumpling on duck spoon make sure you not break the skin.Chew little bit and sip the soup broth,but becareful this hot,add a ginger and some black vinegar and eat the rest.

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